7 Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding

If during the summer season you are like me and have your calendar already filled with friends and family’s weddings every weekend, then you might be considering having a winter wedding. It is something a bit unusual and different but still just as beautiful.

See the many reasons why I enjoy winter weddings and why you might love them too!

  1. You have more choices when it comes to the florist you work with. Many suppliers will be booked at least a year in advance for summer weddings, but during winter you pretty much get your pick of who you want to design your wedding! This could be a local florist that you’ve seen or a more famous UK-wide florist.

2. You have more venues available for your chosen date if you are booking out of season. Many venues will lower their rates over the winter season too, so you have a variety of options within your budget when it comes to choosing your venue.

3. More of your guests will be able to attend your winter wedding. This is mainly because you aren’t competing with other weddings happening around the same time as you would be during the height of summer. This means more friends and family to celebrate with!

4. You have your choice of unique flowers and greenery that grow in the winter. It’s true that there are fewer flowers to choose from in the winter months, but you would be surprised how dainty and colourful winter blooms really are! And they make for such showstopping bouquets that not many of your guests will have seen before.

5. More of your wedding day will be spent inside your venue, so your guests will have more time to see and appreciate your flower installations and decor. You put so much thought into designing and creating your perfect wedding, and this is a great opportunity to create large flower arrangements indoors as the backdrop to your wedding photos.

6. Pair your wedding florals with rich and textured fabrics. If you like eclectic and out-of-the-box styling, then winter brings with it vibrant colours and textures such as velvet and sequins you can add to your decor.

7. And don’t forget candles, the perfect accompaniment to any table centrepiece. Candles add height, warmth and romance to any room and create a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere. In winter when more of your wedding day will be in the dark, adding candles in every room creates an intimate and romantic vibe, and you can even have a roaring fire too!

Have I persuaded you that winter weddings are just as much or even more fun than summer weddings? If you are an alternative couple that wants something unique and memorable, then I always suggest having a winter wedding. They get to use vibrant and local florals with the best wedding suppliers around to create a magical and romantic wedding.

Images by Kamilla Nowak and Sophie Mort