A West Midlands Florist, Breaking the Mold in Wedding Flowers: Blooms beyond White

A West Midlands Florist, Breaking the Mold in Wedding Flowers: Blooms beyond White

West Midlands brides and grooms

Hey there, lovely brides and grooms of the West Midlands! We need to talk about the elephant in the room – white wedding flowers. Now, before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out. As a local wedding florist here in the West Midlands, I’m all about pushing the floral boundaries and breaking free from the ‘white wedding flower’ status quo. Let’s dive into why I think white blooms might be due for a little floral rebellion.

West midlands flowers

Here in the West Midlands, we’re surrounded by a stunning array of local flowers. Why limit ourselves to the purity of white when we have a rainbow of regional blooms to choose from? Embracing the vibrant hues of our local flowers allows couples to weave a bit of regional magic into their wedding bouquets and floral arrangements.

Personal Style

White flowers often get a bad rep for being too traditional and lacking personality. As a West Midlands wedding florist, I’m all about capturing your unique style and love story in your arrangements. Exploring a palette beyond white allows us to infuse your personality into the blooms – whether it’s bold and bright or soft and romantic.

Expressing personality

West Midlands weddings are diverse and rich in cultural influences. Using a broader spectrum of colours in your floral arrangements opens the door to thematic expression. From rustic elegance, British countryside charm to urban chic, let your blooms tell the story of your love and unique personalities.

Elegant white wedding flowers

Let’s be real – white wedding flowers, while elegant, might not showcase the full spectrum of nature’s beauty. Our region is bursting with flowers of different shapes, sizes, and textures. By embracing a more varied colour palette, we can create bridal bouquets that are not just visually stunning but also works of art. showcasing your style and personality

Eco Friendly florist

West Midlands couples often have a strong commitment to sustainability. Embracing a wider range of floral colours allows us to source locally and seasonally, through local flower farmers, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly wedding. Think of it as a way to celebrate your commitment not just to each other but also to the environment.

Lets celebrate the West Midlands

So, West Midlands lovebirds, let’s shake things up a bit! As your local wedding florist, I’m here to encourage you to think beyond the traditional white wedding blooms. Let’s celebrate the diversity of our region and infuse your wedding with the vibrant colours and unique textures that make the West Midlands truly special. Your love story deserves blooms as unique and extraordinary as the two of you!

Timeless and Modern Elegance: A Blissful Wedding at Alrewas Hayes Wedding Venue”

Timeless and Modern Elegance: A Blissful Wedding at Alrewas Hayes Wedding Venue”

Sculpting vibrant, elegant romance

Nestled in the heart of Staffordshire, Alrewas Hayes Wedding Venue is a masterpiece of Renaissance-style architecture, providing the perfect backdrop for a wedding that seamlessly blends timeless charm with modern elegance. Let’s dive into the enchanting details of a recent styled shoot at this stunning venue, where flowers took centre stage to weave a tale of romance and sophistication.

When it comes to weddings, timeless elegance never goes out of style. However, adding a touch of modern flair can turn a classic celebration into a truly unforgettable experience. One of the most enchanting ways to achieve this is through the careful selection of flowers, with pink blooms taking centre stage to infuse vibrancy and romance into this occasion.

Creating a seamless colour palette

To ensure a harmonious blend of classic and modern aesthetics, A gradient of pink hues were considered. Starting with the soft blush tones of peonies, gradually transitioning to the vibrant pinks of ranunculus and scabious, and finally, punctuate the arrangements with the deeper shades of garden roses and coral peonies. This nuanced approach created a visual journey, capturing the essence of timelessness while embracing the contemporary.

Transformative Floral Installations

We extended the magic beyond a handheld bouquet by incorporating transformative floral installations. Suspended floral arrangements that danced above the reception tables, let the blooms of Jasmine cascade and intertwine, creating an immersive atmosphere that encapsulates the beauty of the love story.

A timeless wedding with a modern twist is all about striking the perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary allure. By embracing the romance of pink flowers, including peonies, ranunculus, scabious, and sweet peas, you’re not just selecting blooms; you’re curating an experience that transcends the ages. Your wedding day will be a testament to love, wrapped in the gorgeous beauty of nature’s most enchanting creations.

Alrewas Hayes: The Ceremony Orangery

A vision of enchantment unfolded as we crafted a meadow-inspired floral masterpiece to line the aisle, seamlessly aligning with the timeless elegance of the venue. The careful selection of grasses provided a delicate and natural foundation, their slender stems swaying gently, mirroring the charm of the surrounding countryside. Peonies, the epitome of romance and grace, added layers of softness and opulence. Intertwining with the peonies, garden roses brought an air of classic sophistication, their diverse hues creating a nuanced palette that echoed the venue’s timeless charm. Larkspur, with its vertical spikes of blossoms, added a touch of wild beauty, harmonizing effortlessly with the meadow theme and introducing a sense of untamed elegance. The aisle came alive with the vibrant hues of tulips, their lively presence injecting a burst of colour. As the meadow-style flowers came together, each bloom played its part in creating a whimsical, nature-inspired pathway, guiding the couple towards a floral backdrop, created within the ceremony alcove, capturing the romantic allure of Alrewas Hayes.

Urns to Suit the Venue’s Vibe

Elegant urns were strategically placed, adding a sculptural element to the ceremony space. The flower urns were adorned with blooms that mirrored the grandeur of Alrewas Hayes, creating a visual impact that resonated with the historic charm of the venue. The careful selection of flowers in varying shades of pink ensured a seamless integration with the surroundings at Alrewas Hayes.

The Newly Renovated Marquee

Transitioning to the newly renovated marquee, the shoot took on a more modern note. Here, the floral designs evolved to bring in contemporary flair while maintaining a timeless allure. Shades of pink, including the lively coral of peonies, took centre stage, infusing the space with vibrancy and joy. The marquee, with its sleek lines and open design, provided a canvas for the florals to shine, creating an atmosphere of modern sophistication.

A Symphony of Shades

Throughout the marquee, the floral designs featured a captivating interplay of shades, with coral taking the lead. From soft blush to deep magenta, the blooms wove a narrative of love in every hue. This thoughtful colour palette not only complemented the modern aesthetics of Alrewas Hayes but also added a touch of contemporary romance to the timeless setting.

In conclusion, the wedding at Alrewas Hayes was a celebration where the past and present intertwined in perfect harmony. The floral creations, from the ceremony orangery to the newly renovated marquee, epitomized the essence of a timeless yet modern love story. Against the backdrop of Alrewas Hayes, each bloom whispered tales of romance, making this day truly unforgettable.


Venue: Alrewas Hayes

Photography: Paulina Walsh photography

Hair: Oh your pretty things hair

Make up : Sjm beauty Mua

Dress: Wedding Belles of four oaks

Suit: Suit you Sir

Accessories: Laurel lime bridal

Flowers: Primrose Avenue

Styling: The two humming birds

Stationery: Love flora studio co

Effi & James: An Autumnal Love Story in the West Midlands

Effi & James: An Autumnal Love Story in the West Midlands

Creating vibrant romance

Effi and James decided to embrace the warm, earthy tones of autumn, creating a beautiful seasonal theme for their wedding. The venue was decked out in rich burgundy, deep orange, and golden hues created with gorgeous floral blooms and elegant styling by Oak and opal weddings, captured beautifully by Eva Murko. It was cosy yet sophisticated, just like their love.

Nestled in the heart of Lichfield, West Midlands, Effi and James, a vibrant couple who adore music, family, and friends, celebrated their unique love story at a charming manor house- Swinfen Hall. Their wedding was nothing short of an autumnal extravaganza!

Imagine a place that oozes timeless charm, complete with sprawling gardens and Timeless, rustic elegance. This picturesque manor house provided the dreamy backdrop for Effi and James’ autumn-inspired wedding.

Music in the Air

Effi and James’ shared passion for music was at the heart of their celebration. The real showstopper of the evening was a live performance by the Juke Boxers, a popular Birmingham-based band that the couple had enjoyed many times at their favourite venue. The dance floor was electric, filled with the sound of beloved tunes and rhythmic beats.

As the evening went on, the venue echoed with laughter and heartfelt toasts. The dance floor was where the real magic happened, as Effi and James led the charge. They danced the night away with their nearest and dearest, and even invited me to the dance floor. This is exactly how to create memories that will last a lifetime.

A celebration of love

Effi and James’ West Midlands autumnal wedding at Swinfen hall was a beautiful reflection of their love, shared interests, and their commitment to crafting a day that truly represented their unique journey. It was a celebration of family, friends, music, and the incredible power of love that knows no bounds.

In the end, their wedding was a harmonious celebration that perfectly captured their love story—full of warmth, style, and, of course, plenty of dancing. Their special day will forever be remembered as a fabulous fusion of love and music, set against the backdrop of the West Midlands in autumn.

Significant wedding moments

As a wedding florist, being intricately involved in Effi and James’ journey from our very first consultation to their big day was an incredibly meaningful experience for me. It’s not just about arranging beautiful blooms; it’s about being entrusted with a piece of their love story. From the moment we first sat down to discuss their vision, I felt a deep connection with their story and the passion they shared for music, family, and each other. The trust they placed in me to bring their dreams to life through floral design was both an honour and a responsibility that I took to heart. Watching it all come together on their wedding day, as their vision turned into a breath-taking reality, was truly heart-warming. Being a part of their special day, sharing in their joy, and knowing that I played a role in creating moments they’ll treasure forever made this journey as a wedding florist immensely significant to me.

Styled Shoot At Cotswold Wedding Venue, Euridge Manor

Styled Shoot At Cotswold Wedding Venue, Euridge Manor

After many months of planning, we saw our vision come alive.

Tuesday 3rd May an incredible team of wedding suppliers all came together to deliver a beautiful renaissance inspired styled shoot at one of the best UK wedding venues in the Cotswolds, Euridge Manor.

Every single detail of this shoot was carefully planned, from stationary, the wedding cake and a mass of seasonal florals.

The grounds at Euridge are sure to leave you breathless, from the incredible boat house, Georgian style architecture and their carefully curated gardens. This wedding venue is an absolute oasis, and I cannot wait to return.

The amazing thing about the wedding industry is the incredible relationships you build with fellow suppliers. You quickly learn who’s work aligns with yours, and the perfect people to execute the job. After months of communication, team work, an inspirational portfolio was created by the planner and lead photographer of the shoot, Paulina Walsh. I would personally like to thank Paulina for bringing me along on this incredible journey with her, which allowed me to discover Euridge.

The Castle Arch

The castle arch at Euridge, is definitely one of the most picture perfect locations for ceremony pictures. With a  sparkling hanging crystal chandelier it is undoubtably elegant and luxurious adding charm and romantic aesthetic for any wedding shot.

The Boathouse

Euridge is pretty well known for its spectacular boathouse. Surrounded by crystal blue waters, looked upon by guests from its wisteria walls on the Italian style terrace.

The Lost Orangery

With the beautiful rays of sunshine, crystal chandeliers, surrounded by the beautiful architecture and evergreen palms, the lost orangery created the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. However, this location would be perfect for almost any wedding setting, whether it be the wedding breakfast or your wedding ceremony.

The Flowers

The flowers were carefully selected to create the overall feel for the renaissance styled shoot. Each floral instalment and urn arrangement was thought out thoroughly, enabling them to be re-purposed in multiple locations, as if it were a real wedding day. The inspiration for the flowers selected came down to numerous things. The floral décor that was going to be created in the desired locations, I predict may be one of the future wedding trends to come over the next year and wedding season of 2023 but also flowers that worked with the overall concept and Euridge Manor. It is within my business ethos as a wedding florist to work with the seasons and what nature is producing at this time of year to achieve an organic look, whilst working sustainably .

The overall colour palette was inspired by the beauty and colours of spring flowers. Gorgeous garden roses in shades of peach, toffees and soft yellows were chosen to symbolise love and add texture to the designs. Spring is the perfect time for butterfly ranunculus and tulips, these were included in the bridal bouquet to add whimsical elegance, along with white scabious, nothing says elegant more than crisp white, delicate flowers.

With the use of tall flower stems such as alliums, delphiniums and forsythia, a floral arch was created to perfectly frame the iconic castle arch. The soft blues of the delphiniums added a contrasting colour against the yellow forsythia, and gave off the perfect essence of spring. The arch was later repurposed to the boathouse and arranged differently, in a way that worked with the surroundings. Once we had moved to the boathouse, I also introduced a dramatic urn arrangement, which worked wholly with the renaissance theme and came a part of an overall décor piece.

For the orangery table setting, I took quite a modern approach to the designs. Creating floral meadows within the centre of the table. The flowers selected were really quite monochromatic, with the use of colours very much similar, this created a large impact for a small space.

The colours worked in unity of the orangery walls, whilst adding a romantic and elegant vibe for the top table and such a stunning wedding venue.

Images by Dita Bowen Photography

Proof That Wedding Flowers Can Create The Perfect Atmosphere

Proof That Wedding Flowers Can Create The Perfect Atmosphere

Wedding flowers have the power to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. And I can prove it!

When you’re planning your wedding day, there are so many things to consider. You want to make sure the venue is perfect, you need a good photographer, and you have to choose your dress. But what about your flowers?

It’s easy to overlook the flowers, especially if you’re not one for flowers in general. But trust me when I say that having beautiful flowers at your wedding will make all of the difference!

And I’m not just talking about the bouquet and boutonniere (although they’re important, too). I mean the entire atmosphere—the colours, style, size, placement and flower choices all create the right atmosphere and vibe.

You’ve probably heard this before: “Weddings are about the bride!” But I don’t think that’s completely accurate. I believe that weddings are about creating an atmosphere that reflects the couple’s personality and style. Where your guest feels comfortable taking photos and chatting with family and friends—and having a beautifully curated space for your guests to do this starts with your floral arrangements!

Wedding flowers create an atmosphere and vibe just like any other element of your wedding: they can be fun and vibrant or soft and romantic. Your choice depends on how you want your guests and yourself to feel during your special day.

If you want something more traditional and elegant, then choose flowers that complement those vibes: white roses or lilies (with maybe a few pastel colours added in) will give a sense of classic understated elegance without being boring. This style is great for a castle, manor house or orangery wedding venue for a timeless and graceful look. A simple and sophisticated rose archway is a fabulous photo opportunity and tall table centrepieces will fill those larger venues with texture and height.

For an outdoor romantic boho wedding, then softer trailing bouquets and greenery work a treat! Mixing the surrounding colours and nature into your table arrangements and even adding flower crowns for your bridesmaids. Using locally grown, seasonal flowers will be perfect for this relaxed celebration.

Or if you are an outgoing couple that wants a big party and upbeat music for your wedding day, then bold and bright colours are for you! Larger flowers and statement floral backdrops will create that fun and energetic atmosphere you’re looking for.

When you are starting to plan your wedding you need to decide on what theme and vibe you want to create before you start designing your flowers.

I understand that this is an important decision for you and your partner-to-be, so I make sure to listen carefully to what you have in mind before designing your floral arrangements. If you’re having trouble deciding on what kind of vibe you want at your reception, don’t hesitate to reach out! I have been to quite a few weddings this year, so I am a fountain of knowledge when it comes to creating your wedding florals.

Images by Andy Li Photography

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Designing Your Wedding Flowers

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Designing Your Wedding Flowers

Following Trends

I don’t think you need to follow the trends when it comes to your wedding day.

Do you want pink flowers just because it’s summer? Do you want a particular colour just because it’s popular right now? I believe in doing what makes sense for YOU, not what everyone else is doing or what an influencer on social media says is “trendy.”

I know— I get it: Pinterest is huge right now, and there are so many people telling you what to do with your wedding decor. But you don’t have to follow everyone else, this is YOUR special day, so stand out and make your wedding different! You have whatever flower arrangements make sense for you and your venue. Your friends and family will understand what’s important and will love to see how you’ve added your personal touch and style to your wedding decor.

You Always Need Buttonholes

You don’t have to give everyone a bouquet or buttonhole. You can, of course, and if that’s what you think your budget and style of wedding require, then that’s great. But you don’t have to follow the tradition of giving all groomsmen a buttonhole and bridesmaids a bouquet. You can go outside the box and have something unique. Your boho-style wedding might suit flower crowns for your bridal party instead of formal bouquets. If you have a minimalist style, then a single-stem flower for your groomsmen would look simple and elegant. That’s the beauty of it being your wedding day, you can make all the choices!

Design It All Yourself

I know that you’ve got your heart set on having a beautiful and breath-taking wedding, full of floral arrangements and beautiful reception tables —and you’re right: flowers are an essential part of any wedding. And we also know that you want them to look absolutely perfect. But here’s the thing: no one couple designs their whole wedding by themselves. It’s just not possible for most people! The hours it takes to do your research, find suppliers, talk to your venue, find colours that will compliment your bridesmaid’s dresses ect, it’s a huge task and very overwhelming.

Working with your florist will take that stress and worry out of your hands. Your florist will know all about seasonal flowers, colours and endless options you can choose from. Your vision is, of course at the centre and then your florist will offer helpful suggestions and advice when it comes to deciding on the details of your floral decor.

As the expert in this field, trust your florist that they will bring your vision to life! You will not be disappointed in the outcome, and you can enjoy seeing the look of surprise and wonder on your guest’s faces as they see how beautiful your wedding venue is!

I think you should make your day personal, special and unique. I help create wedding flowers that match your vibe, style and energy. That’s why I don’t just create a “look”—I create a feeling. And just like in life, we believe that feelings are what really matter.

Be different, create your own vibe and colour scheme. Make your wedding exactly how you want it! Think outside the box and don’t follow the trends if they don’t represent you.