Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Designing Your Wedding Flowers

Following Trends

I don’t think you need to follow the trends when it comes to your wedding day.

Do you want pink flowers just because it’s summer? Do you want a particular colour just because it’s popular right now? I believe in doing what makes sense for YOU, not what everyone else is doing or what an influencer on social media says is “trendy.”

I know— I get it: Pinterest is huge right now, and there are so many people telling you what to do with your wedding decor. But you don’t have to follow everyone else, this is YOUR special day, so stand out and make your wedding different! You have whatever flower arrangements make sense for you and your venue. Your friends and family will understand what’s important and will love to see how you’ve added your personal touch and style to your wedding decor.

You Always Need Buttonholes

You don’t have to give everyone a bouquet or buttonhole. You can, of course, and if that’s what you think your budget and style of wedding require, then that’s great. But you don’t have to follow the tradition of giving all groomsmen a buttonhole and bridesmaids a bouquet. You can go outside the box and have something unique. Your boho-style wedding might suit flower crowns for your bridal party instead of formal bouquets. If you have a minimalist style, then a single-stem flower for your groomsmen would look simple and elegant. That’s the beauty of it being your wedding day, you can make all the choices!

Design It All Yourself

I know that you’ve got your heart set on having a beautiful and breath-taking wedding, full of floral arrangements and beautiful reception tables —and you’re right: flowers are an essential part of any wedding. And we also know that you want them to look absolutely perfect. But here’s the thing: no one couple designs their whole wedding by themselves. It’s just not possible for most people! The hours it takes to do your research, find suppliers, talk to your venue, find colours that will compliment your bridesmaid’s dresses ect, it’s a huge task and very overwhelming.

Working with your florist will take that stress and worry out of your hands. Your florist will know all about seasonal flowers, colours and endless options you can choose from. Your vision is, of course at the centre and then your florist will offer helpful suggestions and advice when it comes to deciding on the details of your floral decor.

As the expert in this field, trust your florist that they will bring your vision to life! You will not be disappointed in the outcome, and you can enjoy seeing the look of surprise and wonder on your guest’s faces as they see how beautiful your wedding venue is!

I think you should make your day personal, special and unique. I help create wedding flowers that match your vibe, style and energy. That’s why I don’t just create a “look”—I create a feeling. And just like in life, we believe that feelings are what really matter.

Be different, create your own vibe and colour scheme. Make your wedding exactly how you want it! Think outside the box and don’t follow the trends if they don’t represent you.