How To Plan The Perfect Wedding

It’s not one size fit’s all! You don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding that doesn’t reflect you as a couple. When you work with the right wedding suppliers for you, they will encourage and support you in making decisions about your wedding that are for YOU, and not just to make your family happy. After all, it is YOUR wedding day, so only include things that will make it special for you!

Wedding Vision

Start with creating your vision for the day. What atmosphere and vibe do you want to create? What colours and aesthetic do you want? Even if it’s a Pinterest mood board, it’s good to get an idea of what you are looking to create before you reach out to wedding suppliers.

Personal Style

Adding your personal style. What do you love that you want at your wedding? Are bright colours your thing? Or does your dog have to have a role during the wedding ceremony? Let your guests know exactly whose wedding they are at!

Make It Your Own

Don’t be persuaded by family members to have anything you don’t really want at your wedding. If a formal sit-down wedding breakfast isn’t your thing, then don’t do it! Have a buffet or food trucks. If you want an alternative and colourful wedding dress – go for it! You will be the one looking at your wedding photos in years to come, so make sure you plan the day you actually want!

Wedding Planner

Working with a planner is a lifesaver. They can suggest wedding suppliers that match your wedding aesthetic, help you keep on track with your budget and timeline, and make sure you have the perfect wedding.