Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive?

Are you guilty of saying or hearing the words “when it comes to paying for things wedding related, suppliers add on extra zeros?”

Whilst there is some truth to this, and I don’t speak for all wedding suppliers, I’m here to tell why that is coming from a wedding florist.

When a couple gets in touch with me to talk about wedding flowers I know how much time, effort and perfection will go into creating them. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes into planning, curating and working closely with our couples compared to making an everyday flower bouquet. You aren’t just paying for your flowers, but also a professional and personal service in the weeks and months leading up to the delivery of your dream wedding flowers.

Sourcing Your Wedding Flowers

When enquiring for your wedding flowers, you’ll most likely find that the wedding floral professional would like to book you in for a consultation first. If you have opted for a package deal this may not be necessary, but here at Primrose Avenue, we make every wedding unique and bespoke. That is why we take the time to get to know our couples and all your wedding flower requirements through a consultation. This enables us to draw up a unique floral proposal tailored to you, from your colour scheme, style and size of florals that you envision your wedding day. We meticulously source and plan your flowers, from choosing which wholesaler to buy them from so that you get the right amount and highest quality flowers. Did you know, when a florist buys from a wholesaler, it’s actually not cheaper than supermarket flowers! You do get a wider range of flower options and the quality is a lot higher, but this also means we have to order in bulk. 

The labour of love and time spent preparing your flowers once they have been sourced can now begin. We make sure that all of your flower buckets are clean, filled with water and flower food if required ahead of flower preparation. Hours are spent stripping leaves, removing thorns and manipulating flowers so they are timed perfectly to be flowering for your wedding day, it takes days of hard work, often longer than the actual designing of the flower arrangements! All of this dedication and time perfecting your flowers is reflected in the cost.

Floral Mechanics

You don’t always see the mechanics behind the flowers, it’s often just the beautiful risers and pedestals that are on display. But underneath it all are structural elements that need to be sourced or made. Floral arches and even urn flower arrangements require mechanics to hold the stems in place. Selecting what will work best with your wedding venue to create style of arrangement you want. Creating and sourcing the mechanics behind your arrangements can take a lot of time, especially when you work with a sustainable floral designer, who is completely foam free. Working out how to deliver your flowers without them being destroyed upon delivery is constant problem-solving task.

We create as much as we can in our eco-friendly studios, (as most venues only offer a couple of hours to set-up on the wedding morning). This allows us to give your flowers access to water, but it’s a different story when travelling and arriving on site to keep your flowers hydrated! The delivery and transportation of your flower arrangements has to be thoughtfully planned and carried out. Dried flowers don’t require water but more times than not cost a whole lot more than fresh, especially when they are in higher demand.

Seasonal Flowers and Demand

Wedding season is usually between the months of May-October. Spring flowers will have started to bloom during May, with the appearance of summer flowers from July to early September. The season starts to slow down with the cooler temperatures as autumn  approaches.

With only particular flowers available during some of these months, for example peonies in May, the wholesale price for these flowers will skyrocket because of their high demand, and therefore increase the cost to my couples. Using seasonal flowers is a great way to be eco-conscious with your floral designs and it will also maximise your wedding flower budget as they will have lower travel and shipping costs.

Flower trends will play a large factor in the cost of your wedding flowers. If you’re planning a wedding based on the latest floral trends and your floral colour theme is yellow, think just how high the demand for yellow flowers is going to be. The higher the demand, the higher the cost. That’s why I would advise not to stick to the current trend, but create your own unique colour palette, and I’m sure you’ll find many couples doing this next year!

So there’s the truth behind why wedding flowers are so expensive. It is a combination of factors and not just the individual flowers. It’s the time, labour and resources that go into creating high quality, perfect and bespoke flowers, delivered with a personal touch and a lot of love!

Images by Amy Woodham